300 Dwarves MacOS

300 Dwarves

300 Dwarves is a story of an epic dwarven hired soldier band. Their tomahawks are for contract to anybody willing to pay in gold or fortune.

The once serene kingdom was assaulted by the green swarm and it was up to the gamer, the Leader, to set up its resistance. This started an epic excursion with a specific end goal to spare the world from the green hazard! Clients are a dwarven officer, driving the band into fight. The decisions you make will now choose whether your dwarves make it or not. As an old dwarven saying says:

“What is superior to a major hatchet?”

“Indeed, even a greater hatchet!”

300 Dwarves highlights five remarkable towers with redesigns. Notwithstanding that, the authority can utilize exceptional forces like: cannons flood, fight horn or even force of the rune enchantment. To give non-straight movement of the amusement, the player can accomplish expertise point considers in the diversion treasures, which can be spent as overhauls on aptitude tree.

 300 Dwarves MacOS

You will go through assorted grounds of the kingdom and face distinctive foes running from little green trolls, through an entire zoological display of animals. 300 Dwarves MacOS

Diversion Features:

12 lovely, hand drawn levels!

Charming epic story!

5 one of a kind tower sorts!

3 unique forces!

32 distinctive dwarven advancements to redesign your resistances!

Large number of adversaries and distinctive situations!

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📁 Download Mirror 1 📁 Download Mirror 2 📁 EXTERNAL MIRROR