Airport Simulator 2015 for Mac

Airport Simulator 2015 for Mac

Airport Simulator 2015 for Mac download. Download Airport Simulator 2015 for Mac full version. Official Airport Simulator 2015 for Mac is ready to work on iOS, MacOS and Android. from Website

Turned into the saint of the runway and venture into the shoes of an airplane terminal worker in Airport Simulator 2015.

Experience energizing and changed errands in the field of flying machine taking care of at a noteworthy universal air terminal and take control of powerful air ship tractors, de-icing vehicles, and some more! Airplane terminal Simulator 2015 elements a sum of five prominent flying machine sorts and 14 distinct vehicles, offering a gigantic scope of various assignments on the smock and runway.

These errands should be done, come no matter what, day and night. Remember that even the smallest postponement in flight operations will cost you cool, hard money.

Ensure that planes are refueled and loaded up while likewise dealing with providing food and things and freight transport. Explore planes to their stopping positions with the guide of the tail me auto and get in the driver’s seat of the bus transport to transport travelers. Guide the ground power unit to the required position, set up the traveler stair truck or fly extension, and a great deal more. At the point when the climate begins to get chilly, your abilities in ice and snow evacuation will be put under serious scrutiny. Air terminal Simulator 2015 likewise includes a whole armada of vehicles.

In the event that your vehicles achieve the breaking points of what they can do, you can enhance them with different redesigns in the vehicle storage. This is the best way to keep focused of the steadily developing requests and time weights of flying machine operations, all while opening various accomplishments utilizing a tad of expertise.

Airport Simulator 2015 for Mac


  • • The continuation of the energizing air terminal administration and flying machine taking care of reproduction arrangement
  • • Huge, open-world air terminal grounds with runways and runways, a vehicle shed, and access to the tower
  • • A aggregate of 14 controllable vehicles and machines, including a van transport, traveler stair truck, plane extension, pushback truck, providing food truck, freight loader, payload transporter, refueler, de-icing vehicle, ground power unit, tail me auto, and three unique snowplows
  • • The dynamic mission framework offers incalculable energizing undertakings on the smock and runway
  • • A aggregate of five unique sorts of air ship
  • • Realistic air and street movement (counting air ship departures and arrivals)
  • • Various accomplishments and the choice to update vehicles and app
  • • Diverse climate conditions, for example, snow, downpour, and daylight, and additionally day and night cycles
  • • A sensible soundscape, including radio correspondences

Airport Simulator 2015 for Mac

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