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Twist won the Apple’s Mac Store Best Games of 2011 honor

Play the diversion that Macworld named as one of the best! Made by Jonathan Blow and Number None.

* Braid has normal Metacritic audit score 90% *


* Braid is a stage amusement where you control the stream of time to tackle astounds.

* Every baffle in Braid is one of a kind. There is no filler. Twist does all that it can to give you a psyche extending knowledge.

Braid for Mac

* Journey into universes where time carries on abnormally; watch, gain from, and after that ace these universes.

SurveysBraid for Mac

“When it came time to choose the best Mac applications of the year, we began with the rundown of the approximately 250 Mac programs we inspected in the course of recent months. After much exchange, we whittled that rundown down to only 13 that we considered deserving of our Editors’ Choice Award” Macworld Editor’s Choice Award

“Mesh’s aesthetic outline is as creative as its riddles. The capricious world resembles a canvas spring up.” IGN

“A standout amongst the most fascinating, fulfilling, excellent amusement encounters I’ve ever had.” Destructoid

“Past Braid’s captivating hand-painted visual style, past its frequently frequenting score, and past its insights on adoration and self-improvement… Plait is a standout amongst the most dynamic stage/baffle amusements we’ve played in years.” IGN Australia

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