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Prison of the Damned

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‘Cell of the Damned’ is an old-school prison crawler and great point and snap enterprise amusement consolidated.


Legend recounts a place…

Cut into the stone, far beneath the mountains…

Where men are sent to kick the bucket.

You alert to get yourself detained inside the amazing ‘Cell of the Damned’.

How could you have been able to you arrive? Why have you been sent here? Who is your captor?

To answer these inquiries and make your escape you should reveal the cell’s privileged insights, settle its numerous riddles and survive fight with the prison’s destructive occupants!

Could you escape from the ‘Prison of the Damned’?


Exemplary point and snap experience gameplay.

Explorable framework based 3D cell.

Rendered 3D design breath life into the cell.

An assortment of perplex sorts to illuminate, including:

Articles to gather and utilize,

Levers and mystery sections to discover,

Switches, weight cushions and gateways!

Dungeon of the Damned Mac

Adversaries to fight.

Environmental sound outline and impacts.

A rich and immersive storyline.

Spare your amusement anytime.

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