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How far would you go to spare your closest companion?

For Gomo, the response to this question is clear: To the apocalypse a further, if important.

Go along with him on his voyage through the peculiar 2D scenes of this dreamlike Point and snap Adventure!

Far away, in a concealed valley Gomo and his puppy Dingo live in undisturbed peace; however quietness in this fable vale soon arrives at a brutal end: an obscure outsider compel kidnaps Gomo’s buddy. In return for his adored pet, Gomo should get an uncommon precious stone for the outsider. This precious stone lies very much secured in an underground mine-getting your hands on this one won’t be simple!

Be that as it may, there is no decision, yet doing as the outsider inquires…

You need to help Gomo? At that point be set up for a dreamlike excursion pressed with testing confounds.

Highlights:Gomo for Mac

– Presented by the makers of the „Deponia”- Series, „The Whispered World” and „Edna and Harvey – The Breakout”

– Point and Click investigation through a strange dreamscape.

– Fondly vivified characters, hand-drawn backgrounds and inventive baffle outline.

– Communication in non-verbal comic style

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