Hairy Tales for Mac

Furry Tales

“I totally adore how included Hairy Tales fills in as a puzzler.” – TOUCH ARCADE (4/5)

“Shaggy Tales is a fabulous minimal amusement, with 72 levels spread crosswise over 3 universes you’ll have bounty to do.” – APP-SCORE.COM (10/10)

“An energetic, particular world ripped apparently out of an off-brand fable, a sprightly society soundtrack, and a total absence of shabby adaptation all add to the stone strong bewilder mechanics.” – GAMEZEBO

“There’s a lot of creativity on show in the level plan, and regularly you’ll have to think quick to guarantee you don’t dive to an unfavorable demise .” – POCKET GAMER (Silver honor)

“You’re playing something interesting and inventive.” – SLIDE TO PLAY

“The design and characters give Hairy Tales a one of a kind and eccentric feel and the riddles get to be testing enough to keep up my enthusiasm for quite a while.” – POCKET FULL OF APPS (5/5)

“Bristly Tales is sufficiently basic to see, yet so maddeningly convoluted with the goal that you’re dependent on the test, and what a test it is.” – ARCADE SUSHI

“A baffle amusement that individuals who appreciate a decent test will unquestionably like” – SLIDE TO MAC

“A shrewd thought on puzzlers of its sort… packs a honest to goodness challenge.” – APPOLICIOUS


Consolidating tile-dragging mechanics with quick incensed activity, Hairy Tales is a confound activity amusement about the kooky experiences of a gathering of not very splendid society spirits, as you help them perplex out abhorrence problems in their central goal to spare their tile-based world from sickening debasement.

It stars the Hairys, an edgy gathering of pixie people who are so energetic to clear their universe of debasement that they basically don’t watch where they’re going. It’s dependent upon you to lead them to security by putting tiles and catalysts in their way.

Hairy Tales for Mac

It has 72 levels split crosswise over three particular universes, where players should at the same time spare the Hairys from tumbling off the edge of the world by re-orchestrating the tiles on every level, while gaining catalysts, enchantment mushrooms and crushing malevolence adversary Kikimoras and their three effective end supervisors.

Hairy Tales for Mac

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📁 Download Mirror 1 📁 Download Mirror 2 📁 2021 UPLOADED