Iron Sky: Invasion for Mac

Press Sky: Invasion

+++ Game information +++

“Press Sky: Invasion” is a dynamic space contender test system, worked out of enthusiasm and love for exemplary space sims, and improved with technique and RPG components. The center of the gameplay depends on ship-to-ship dogfights, consolidated with attacks on mammoth spaceships (counting the colossal Space Zeppelins), and in addition strategic deduction and asset administration.

A gesture towards the godlike old fashioned works of art, the amusement has been made by their fans and for their fans, to join their immortal ideas with advanced illustrations and execution. The players take control of Earth’s armada and join its associated powers, as humankind valiantly safeguards the Blue Planet from horrible trespassers and their task force of savage UFOs, originating from the profundities of space.

+++ Gameplay +++

The players’ spaceships can wander openly in space and assault adversary vessels; different weapons and hardware are available to them, from laser guns and rockets to convenient automatons and satellites which can be propelled from specific boats. The vessels are additionally outfitted with military countermeasures, to shield them from adversary fire. The players can get to a strategic guide of space, to detect the positions of the intruders or any continuous fights, and subsequently in a split second know where to fly. A definitive objective is to decimate the foe’s mystery extreme weapon, and to protect the Earth from the aggressors.

“Press Sky: Invasion” accompanies a silly story, improved by a rich musical score and experience on-screen characters’ exhibitions – and a touch of legislative issues also. Different countries will offer one of a kind missions, yet to acknowledge or deny them is up to the player. A few missions entice the players with unique prizes, for example, valuable overhauls, or even fresh out of the box new ships.

The players can dock at associated space stations to revive weapons, buy updates or even switch ships. Various propelled vessels can be controlled in the amusement, from the overwhelming Australian “Dundee” planes, to the test UK “Firecracker” contenders. The accessibility of a few boats relies on upon the culmination of specific missions.

The boats’ sub-frameworks can be further overhauled in space overhangs: for instance, updating the hostile frameworks will expand the quantity of weapons and support their energy, while a motor redesign will enhance the ship’s speed and scope of block attempt. Overhauls require exceptional assets, which can be searched from obliterated foe units or found in space.


• Unique, class busting gameplay – space flight and battle reenactment, with components of RTS

• Breathtaking 3-D universe loaded with amazing impacts to coordinate those of the film, graciousness of the intense GRACE 2 (TM) motor

Iron Sky: Invasion for Mac

• Avant-garde diversion structure: with no division into single missions, “Iron Sky: Invasion” is one goliath, open-world fight

• Advanced Artificial Intelligence to challenge even the most crackshot pilot

• Massive overhauls: home station docking opens an easy to use diversion economy permitting players to get to several ship updates

• Non-stop activity of fabulous ship-to-ship dogfights to match even the best space skirmishes of sci-fi legend


NegligibleIron Sky: Invasion for Mac

– Intel Core 2

– 2 GB RAM

– Mac OS X10.8

– Shader 3.0 and 256 MB RAM

– 4 GB HDD space

– Keyboard, mouse, web

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