Mini Ninjas Mac OS

Smaller than normal Ninjas

Presenting the world’s littlest legends. The cutest little ninjas in the entire of primitive Japan.

Before you purchase, please extend this portrayal and check the framework prerequisites beneath.

Join Hiro and his Mini Ninja companions as they trip through hypnotized grounds to do fight with the Evil Samurai Warlord and his supernatural armed forces.

Overflowing with imagination and brimming with fun, the diversion offers delightful characters in a wonderfully energized world. Whether you’re utilizing Hiro’s enchantment, Futo’s strength, Suzume’s stealth, or another way totally, you’re certain of an ordeal that is alluring, energizing and clever. With a beguiling visual style and open-finished gameplay that energizes investigation, Mini Ninjas gives more youthful players a happy yet epic enterprise, free of abhorrent viciousness and high on enchantment.

• Six playable ninja characters – Players can switch effectively between any of the six extraordinarily adorable ninjas, each with various abilities, weapons and moves.

• Epic open-finished level outline – Environments are lavish with a completely open feel and a lot of support for players to investigate each side of a wonderfully envisioned world.

• Control the creatures of the woods – Throughout their journey the Mini Ninjas experience various diverse creatures from chickens to foxes, frogs, raccoons, and bears. Utilize Kuji enchantment to have these creatures and utilize their capacities in the battle against the Evil Samurai Warlord!

• Superb style – Mini Ninjas inspires a mysterious Japan with a straightforward however enchanting visual style and bona fide music – the plan is a work of adoration that has delivered an open and pleasant amusement.

4 Stars “Kids will love the adorable characters and simple gameplay, while their more established partners will appreciate the landscape and power move/spell technique components.” – Macworld

5 Stars MacFormat Choice Award “Very few recreations engage grown-ups and youthful youngsters alike, however Mini Ninjas pulls off this deed with style, mind and appeal.” – MacFormat

4 Stars “… Mini Ninjas may feel like simply one more children’s PC amusement. Notwithstanding, once we moved beyond the instructional exercise and started engaging a portion of the amusement’s similarly delightful foes, we found that Mini Ninjas’ storyline has genuine profundity and the cut-scenes are more than simply cheddar.” – Mac|Life

Vital data with respect to Mini Ninjas:

• Mini Ninjas does not bolster the accompanying representation cards: ATI X1xxx arrangement, NVIDIA 7xxx arrangement and Intel GMA arrangement.

• keeping in mind the end goal to run the diversion with attractive execution, your Mac must meet these base framework prerequisites: 1.4GHz CPU/1GB RAM/128MB Graphics Card (not Intel GMA, ATI X1xxx arrangement, or NVIDIA 7xxx arrangement).

Mini Ninjas Mac OS

• This amusement is not presently bolstered on volumes designed as Mac OS Extended (Case Sensitive).

Mini Ninjas Mac OS

• If you experience issues playing the diversion, please visit and contact our bolster group. This permits us to manage your issue rapidly, and helps us to enhance our recreations.

• The characters delineated in this amusement are completely qualified Ninjas, and any endeavor to use vast wooden mallets, hack trees down the middle or increase supernatural control of family pets is demoralized.

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