We lament to advise you that administration for this application will be ended starting 3/15/2016.

*Upon benefit end, assurances of operation no more apply.

*The dates and times given above might be changed without earlier notice.

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PAC-MAN, the world acclaimed arcade great, returns in this dependable version for your MAC!

Who can overlook the incalculable hours and quarters spent maintaining a strategic distance from bothersome apparitions while chompin’ on spots and eating up the organic product for extra focuses?

Remember the retro arcade activity!

Chomp foods grown from the ground things for enormous focuses! Eat the greater part of the spots to progress to the following stage. Go for high scores and abnormal states! Pick up an additional life at 10,000 focuses! Eat squinting Power Pellets to debilitate apparitions incidentally and gobble them up before they change back. Evade Blinky, the pioneer of the apparitions, and his kindred phantoms Pinky, Inky and Clyde, or you will lose an existence. Lose every one of your lives and it’s diversion over!PAC-MAN Mac

Accessible to conform the diversion screen estimate by digit key.

1key:Window S

2key:Window M

3key:Window L

4key:Big Screen

5key:Bigger Screen

ūüďĀ Download Mirror 1 ūüďĀ Download Mirror 2 ūüďĀ EXTERNAL MIRROR
ūüďĀ Download Mirror 1 ūüďĀ Download Mirror 2 ūüďĀ EXTERNAL MIRROR