Space Hedgehogs vs. Space Cacti Mac

Space Hedgehogs versus Space Cacti

Space Hedgehogs vs. Space Cacti Mac download. Download Space Hedgehogs vs. Space Cacti Mac full version. Official Space Hedgehogs vs. Space Cacti Mac is ready to work on iOS, MacOS and Android. from Website

From the makers of widely praised “Extend Phoenix” and “Bright Dawn” titles comes another, epic enterprise. Set in a universe that was gently lived together by space-faring civic establishments of Hedgehogs and Cacti for ages, this one-touch, constant half and half methodology/activity diversion starts when one dull, decisive night, the Cacti all of a sudden assault.

The Hedgehogs set up an overcome battle, however the component of astonish is solid, and a considerable number of planets are lost to the attacking Cacti. At exactly that point do the Hedgehogs understand that amid the last time of peace and success the Cacti have been covertly constructing gigantic fight armadas outfitted with the most recent in Cacti military innovation. Despite the fact that the Hedgehogs fearlessly and sharply oppose, they are innovatively outmatched, and their misfortunes are extraordinary.

Thus now, one thousand years after the fact, the once-awesome Hedgehog human advancement has been diminished to a modest bunch of planets still inside their control. You, and no one but you, can spare them and lead the Hedgehogs back to their previous brilliance – or dive them into finish destruction. The destiny of the whole human progress lays on your shoulders. Try not to baffle.

Space Hedgehogs vs. Space Cacti Mac


– 11 effective armada overhaul things.

– 11 unique single-utilize things, including Asteroid Strike and Death Ray.

– Two gameplay styles – moment Space Hedgehogs vs. Space Cacti Macfights or player-guided, activity stuffed fight scenes.

– 15 Game Center Achievements!

– Campaign, single diversion, or planned test modes.

– Full Retina Display bolster for iPhone 4.

– Control your whole armada with only several touches.

– Use multitouch to part your boats into a few gatherings for various assault systems.

– Three trouble levels.

– One or two AI adversaries in Single Map mode.

– Local and worldwide high scores.

– Intense, driving music and magnificent sound impacts.

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