Spooky Hoofs for Mac

Spooky Hoofs

Spooky Hoofs for Mac download. Download Spooky Hoofs for Mac full version. Official Spooky Hoofs for Mac is ready to work on iOS, MacOS and Android. from Gamesintosh.com Website

Encounter the quickest, strangest and most addictive mentor ride ever!

Control this respectable stagecoach and its dark stallions through eery woods and foggy swamps – yet be careful with the dreadful occupants that will cross your way…

Give them a chance to feel your whip while bouncing over unsafe pits!

Gather enchantment circles to unleash the concealed forces of your stallions. Join all overhauls for a definitive fight mentor!

Win against monster supervisor evil spirits that are prowling on your way.

Note: Requires OS X 1.7 (Lion) or later.

– Rated 8 out of 10 by App Store Arcade: http://www.appstorearcade.com/2011/09/07/spooky-feet survey/

– Featured as New and Noteworthy on Mac App Store frontpage

– Easy to learn controls

(squeeze RIGHT key for whiplashes/increasing speed, press UP key to hop)

– Powerful Upgrades

Spooky Hoofs for Mac

– Boss Battles

– Various spooky stages to find

Will you get your traveler securely to her destination…?

Rewards/Upgrades:Spooky Hoofs for Mac

– 3 turquoise circles = Invulnerable for three adversary crashes

– 3 yellow circles = Fire whip for 30 whiplashes

– 3 purple circles = Wings for 9 folds (twofold hop in mid-air)

– Red circles = Energy

Indicate: The ordinary whip additionally dispenses harm, so take a stab at hitting flying foes with your whiplashes!

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