Z The Game Mac

Z The Game

“Z”, the great Real Time Strategy Game by the Bitmap Brothers revamped for the Mac OS. Enthusiasts of this great technique title are in for a genuine treat. Everything is in here from the stupendous satire slice scenes to the unhinged amusement play making this is the conclusive adaptation of Z.

•Z is an ongoing war amusement played in a thoroughly free environment.

•A stunning race to catch region and assets. Smash your adversary before they overwhelm you.

•Over thirty minutes of hilarious motion picture groupings give introductions and outros to every level.

•Movie and in diversion voiceovers are talked in English, French, German, Italian or Spanish.

•Z has a restrictive Music framework, which reflects progressively the state of mind of the fight.

•Z has six sorts of Robot officers each with their own particular individual identities. Will they do your requests and walk into the jaws of damnation? Then again will they chicken and run?

•Robots perform up to 40 distinct activities, outfitted with rifles, automatic rifles and antitank rocket launchers.

 Z The Game Mac

•Twenty testing levels set on five planets each with a special territory extending from Arctic waste to terrains of flame and magma.

•In diversion world guide and radar which can be shown whenever.

•Lots of equipment for you and your warriors to control, extending from three sorts of tanks, jeeps, repair vehicles and defensively covered individual bearers to handle weapons and rocket launchers.

•Robot pioneers furnish you with talked cautions all through the amusement. Z The Game Mac

•Capture and control establishments including processing plants producing robots and vehicles, radar and vehicle repair offices.

•You pick what sort of robot or vehicle your processing plants fabricate.

•Z accompanies pictorial player control.

Z is… the speediest, most amusing, most rushed, component pressed activity technique diversion you’ll play this century!

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📁 Download Mirror 1 📁 Download Mirror 2 📁 EXTERNAL MIRROR