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Tired of continually changing your music’s volume?

iVolume guarantees that every one of your melodies play at a similar volume level.

iVolume figures the volume saw by the human ear for every melody of your iTunes music gathering. Along these lines iVolume gets the most out of the affirmed Replay Gain calculation and changes your tunes as needs be.

* Master of the Genius: iVolume is the ideal partner for your Genius Mixes in iTunes. No longer modify the volume for ambient sounds on gatherings. No longer uncover your iPod from underneath your pocket just to change the music’s volume. iVolume takes your music listening background to a radical new level.

* Compatible With Your Digital Life: iVolume incorporates flawlessly with iTunes on Mac and PC, iPod, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, FrontRow, and AirPlay (otherwise known as AirTunes). Most well known sound document positions like MP3, AAC/M4A, AIFF, and Apple Lossless are upheld.

* Blazingly Fast: iVolume exploits most up to date innovations to completely use each center of present day multiprocessor machines for ideal execution.

* Avoids Unnecessary Work: iVolume recalls all outcomes ever figured. Apply changed conformity settings without the requirement for re-breaking down your melodies.

* Keeps Albums Intact: By utilizing an advanced collection recognition calculation iVolume alternatively conforms collections all in all to keep the goal of the craftsman. This strategy is especially reasonable for conforming gapless live collections.

* Highly Configurable: Create gatherings to apply singular tweaked settings to any predetermined subset of your melodies.

* Awesome Usability: All the components above are fun and inconceivably simple to use through an advanced and clear UI.

As often as possible Asked Questions:

Q: How precisely does iVolume alter my tunes?

An: iVolume adequately repairs the inherent ‘Sound Check’ capacity of iTunes. Data about the commotion is put away by iTunes in a tag named iTunNORM inside your tunes. This data is utilized for playing a tune somewhat louder or gentler at playback time at whatever point Sound Check is turned on. iTunes’ commotion examination is quick yet tragically not extremely precise so Sound Check is not fulfilling out-of-the-crate. That is were iVolume comes into the amusement: iVolume re-examines each tune with an expert calculation that is arranged on the acoustic impression of the human ear and iVolume then for all time replaces the data in the iTunNORM tag of your tunes with impeccable qualities.

Q: Is there any misfortune in quality to my melodies?

A: No. iVolume does not re-encode your tunes. It just replaces the data in the iTunNORM tag with impeccable qualities. This data is utilized at playback-time to play a melody milder or louder at whatever point Sound Check is turned on.

Q: Do I require iVolume to play my tunes?

A: No, you simply let iVolume run once (or each time you’ve included new tunes) over your library. At that point you play your tunes as regular with iTunes, your iPod, iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV. You simply need to try to have Sound Check turned on in iTunes or on your playback gadget so that the conformities made by iVolume produce results.

Q: Are duplicate shielded AAC tunes purchased from the iTunes Store upheld? iVolume Mac

A: Songs acquired before mid 2009 from the iTunes Store might be DRM-secured (record expansion .m4p). Lamentably there is no chance to get for applications to peruse crude example information from duplicate ensured melodies. In the event that this would be conceivable, it would not be a duplicate assurance any longer. In any case, to ascertain the apparent clamor of a tune, iVolume needs to peruse the example information of that tune.

So duplicate secured tunes can not be consequently balanced by iVolume. Be that as it may you can at present physically change them by hand.

Β iVolume Mac

If you don’t mind take note of that meanwhile all tunes offered by the iTunes Store are in without drm “iTunes Plus” configuration. Melodies acquired in this arrangement can be investigated and balanced fine with iVolume.

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