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Drain · A Tumblr Client

Drain will probably give Tumblr the vibe of a coordinated affair heated into your desktop, like utilizing the Finder or checking your mail.

Some intriguing components incorporate push warnings for posts that arrive while the application is out of sight, disconnected altering with the choice to spare posts locally, and the capacity to include and switch between numerous records.

Drain concentrates on the center thought that you need to work your way through your dashboard without interferences. You ought to have the capacity to view web journals, look for labels and take after connections without a major relevant switch.

We trust Milk offers an answer that you truly can’t accomplish with program tabs. You can, for instance, reblog a post without dismissing the first or form a post while looking through your “preferences.”


· Multiple records

Do you have various online journals on isolated records? Login to every record once and after that switch between them with only a tick.

· Don’t leave the dashboard

Make/alter posts, take after connections, look labels, see a blog and view your profile, all without losing your place in your dashboard.

· Work disconnected

Have a thought for a post yet no web association? Make posts and spare them on your desktop, then post/line/draft them when you’re back on the web.

· Live Updates

Get push notices for posts that land in your dashboard while Milk is out of sight. A brisk look lets you know the sort and substance of the post.

· Live see

Review your post body without the muddled html/markdown before posting.

· Keyboard easy routes

Include accounts, switch between your dashboard, profile and likes, submit posts and pursuit labels, all without moving your mouse.

· Filters

In the state of mind for some music? What about some video? Inquisitive about what other individuals are interested about? Utilize channels to see just the sort of posts you’re in the state of mind for right now.

· Search labels

⌘ + 4 and you’re looking labels. Venture back through your hunt history or spare labels down review later.

· Reading list

Been a while since you’ve seen a post from your most loved blog? Get speedy access to all the individual online journals you take after with only a tick.

· Fold Long-Form Posts

Content posts more than four passages long are consequently collapsed after the second section. Not any more stopping up your dashboard with posts from verbose bloggers.

· All in one place Milk · A Tumblr Client for Mac

Your drafts, line and posts all consecutively.

· No holding up

Continue tumbling while your post gets transferred out of sight.

· Simple reblog

Reblog without dismissing the first post.

* The accompanying usefulness is excluded in Milk because of Tumblr’s API limitations:

– Asking/noting questions.

 Milk · A Tumblr Client for Mac

– Notifications (new supporters, likes, and so on).

– Editing account settings (eg., evolving subjects).

– Replying to posts.

📁 Download Mirror 1 📁 Download Mirror 2 📁 EXTERNAL MIRROR
📁 Download Mirror 1 📁 Download Mirror 2 📁 EXTERNAL MIRROR

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