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SecureCRT 8.0.4 – Terminal imitating for IT experts.

Estimate: 49.87 MB

SecureCRT gives shake strong terminal imitating to figuring experts, raising efficiency with cutting edge session administration and a large group of approaches to spare time and streamline monotonous assignments. SecureCRT gives secure remote get to, record exchange, and information burrowing for everybody in your association.

Quality imitating

Guidelines based security

Effective session administration

High-efficiency interface

Efficient robotization instruments


Form 8.0.4:

SecureCRT could hang if a session was doing catchphrase highlighting and a summon, for example, “watch daemons” was issued.

At the point when a session utilized Xterm imitating, CTRL+ARROW escape successions were yield as characters in the terminal window.

On the off chance that a mapped key utilized the ALT modifier, the menu bar got center when the mapped key was squeezed.

In the event that a script called Screen.Send with bSendToScreenOnly set to genuine, Chinese characters were not showed accurately in the terminal window.

At the point when the session database contained a few organizers, if the settings were sent out and after that imported into a void design, the envelopes were not in sequential order arrange.

On the off chance that the Connect discourse was opened utilizing the ALT+C alternate route and a session was associated utilizing the ALT+B easy route, the session was opened in another window rather than in a tab.

The Session Manager and Connect discourse demonstrated the development symbol on a vacant organizer if the envelope already contained sessions.

SSH2: SecureCRT slammed when endeavoring to utilize the ECSA endorsement from a Yubikey brilliant card.

SSH2: SecureCRT reported a blunder when endeavoring to associate with a Cisco gadget that utilized the ident string “SSH-2.99-Cisco-1.25”.

SecureCRT for Mac

Macintosh: If framework availability choices were on, SecureCRT could crash not long after beginning or waking from rest.

Macintosh: The strong text style trait was not regarded for the session textual style.

Macintosh: When the worldwide choice “Show affirm separate exchange” was set and a few sessions were open, if the privilege most session was actuated and COMMAND+W was utilized to close the tab, squeezing ENTER on the console in quick progression to reject the provoke discoursed could bring about an incite exchange that couldn’t be shut.

Macintosh: Progress exchanges were shown as a white box and couldn’t be expelled.

Macintosh/Linux: If the default session was set to have 32000 sections, endeavoring to associate with a remote framework utilizing Quick Connect made SecureCRT crash.


OS X 10.5 or later

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📁 Download Mirror 1 📁 Download Mirror 2 📁 EXTERNAL MIRROR

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